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duration – 95 Min /
Genre – Comedy, Horror /
Year – 2019 /
country – USA /
Summary – After an elegant nuptial ceremony at the lavish manor of the uber-wealthy Le Domas clan, the gentle groom, Alex Le Domas, informs his blissful young bride, Grace, that the ceremony is far from over yet, and there's still a long night ahead of them. Before long, as part of a macabre long-standing family tradition, Grace will have to play a seemingly innocent game, and hide somewhere in the vast mansion's cavernous halls and labyrinthine corridors, until dawn. Now, whether Grace is ready or not, the armed-to-the-teeth Domases are coming for her, and it's going to get ugly. Will the newlywed quarry survive the relentless onslaught of the nasty in-laws from Hell?







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